Out with the old


And in with the new!

It’s been a long time coming. For 5 years now, I have been saying “we’ll have a new website next season,” and seasons came and went with little fanfare. It turns out it was one really long season.

That said, for a website made when I was in 10th grade, the old Thomas Point Beach On-Line sure did serve us well, if maybe for a decade or two longer than it should have.

A soft open

There is still much to be done: Content to be migrated; special little touches to add. If I were to wait for all of the pieces to come together, it’s fair to say that this new site may never see the light of day. So better to get a foot in the door, and make it shine with time!

So, with that, I offer you this, a soft open. It is by NO MEANS “complete”, but it will really come together over the next few days or weeks, and we truly think you will be impressed.

Join us for this adventure, and stay tuned for new and exciting happenings on our new website!