Summer Jam Camp Out 2020 Update

This was not the story we thought we were going to be writing this weekend. We had hoped this weekend would have become a story of communities, working together to show the State and the nation what a safe and sustainable future could look like for the outdoor entertainment community. Instead, we come to you with a heavy heart and a story of disappointment, and heartbreak.

The music community has been hit hard during Covid19. Musicians, vendors, venues and you, our festival family, are ready and willing to pioneer and re envision what a safe and sustainable festival future can be. Unfortunately, the State Administration was unable to approve of the vision we had tirelessly developed.

We feel strongly that we tried to do the best we could do to give our community the best fighting chance at a taste of normalcy and a vision of the future.

Unfortunately, that required waiting longer than we would have otherwise been comfortable with, to allow our understanding of the situation to stabilize to a point that we felt would be best to propose and execute this vision.

We appreciate and apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused our patrons. As such, Summer Jam Camp Out is offering full refunds for previous ticket purchases and additionally will continue to honor your access to the venue for the duration of this festival. Please, come and join your safe and responsible festival family, for a safe and responsible, and more so, sustainable vision of what community can look like when we all work together.

We feel strongly that our community and family can be a vision of what the future should look like. Both the campground and the production team feel there is no better weekend to show what our combined teamwork can do than on a weekend in celebration of Independence. Independence can be both enjoyable, and responsible and safe, and we would love to have you join us in a display of what that can be.

For anyone joining us, we will continue to follow our proposed guidelines in regard to the camping portion of the originally planned event. Your health and safety are of the utmost priority to us. We hope to show the community, and the State what could have been and appreciate your cooperation in all of those regards. We will be releasing these guidelines publicly

We value your ongoing support, and love. No matter your feelings, we believe that together we can prevail in these uncertain times.

Processing of full refunds will begin Tuesday, July 7th. Please allow two business weeks for processing via our third party vendor.

Please follow Thomas Point Beach & Campground, and the Summer Jam Camp Out social media pages for more information. Everyone on the team looks forward to a safe and spectacular 2021.

In respect of providing transparency to our patrons we are additionally posting our guidelines that we provided to the DECD (CLICK HERE) which they unfortunately denied.

Thank you and kind regards,
The Summer Jam Camp Out Team and Thomas Point Beach & Campground