Thomas Point Beach Joins the Fight!

As the global concern mounts over COVID-19, we at Thomas Point Beach want to wish you and your families the safest of springs, and good health.

With that, we are proud to announce that as of March 10th, we have begun dedicating all spare processing power on all of our servers and workstations to the Rosetta@Home and Folding@Home distributed computing projects, in an effort to help fight this new virus.

What are these projects?

Rosetta@Home, and Folding@Home are both distributed computing projects that aim to better understand the properties and behaviors of various diseases, bacteria, and viruses. They do this by using the spare processing power of your desktop computer, laptop, server, or cellphone. As distributed projects, they do this by enlisting the help of many thousands of people across the globe. The applications that run these computations run silently in the background, using the spare (unused) power of your device, and having very little impact on the devices normal use, which is GREAT, because it means you can easily join the fight too!

On March 10th, both projects announced that they were focusing their distributed tasks on understanding and combating the COVID-19 virus. Running calculations to better understand it’s behavior, and the effects of various compounds and chemicals in treating and even curing it.

How can you we get involved?

Well, it is easy, really. We, at At Thomas Point Beach & Campground, have been a part of a number of “@Home” projects, and began dedicating all spare processing power to Folding- and Rosetta@Home this week. All it takes to join the fight is to visit either project and follow the set-up instructions to get going.

It’s a Team Effort!

If you want to join Thomas Point Beach & Campground in the fight against COVID-19, on either platform, we invite you to join one of our teams.



  • Install Folding@Home
  • (If using Web Control) – Click “Change Identity”
  • (If using Advanced Control) – Click “Configure” and then “Identity”
  • Set your Team Number to 236845

It doesn’t matter how powerful your computer or device is, every bit helps. So join us in the fight against this virus, and let’s all look forward to getting outside and enjoying a wonderful summer in Maine!

If you don’t want to join in, you can always follow our progress by visiting our team pages on Folding@Home (down at time of writing) and Rosetta@Home.